AGRES has the capability to work with a large number of crops and soils.  We have an extensive inventory of equipment giving us the ability to manage a large variety  of crops. Additionally, AGRES has close ties to farmers in the area and throughout Wisconsin which gives us the means to establish trials on a range  of soil textures, pH, and fertility levels.

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AGRES has extensive, diverse, and customized planting equipment. This allows us to conduct research trials of all sizes and on numerous different crops. We have the flexibility to plant trials one plot at a time, with varying seed varieties and treatments, such as in-furrow treatments for fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, and inoculum.



AGRES employs versatile application techniques, which allow us the ability to replicate or simulate any desired commercial application method. All AGRES equipment is calibrated prior to application in order to ensure the correct rate of product is applied to each trial.


Sampling and harvest

AGRES can perform large area harvests and small plot harvests, collecting per plot yield and moisture data  and saving samples for analytical evaluation. AGRES has accurate weighing systems incorporated into our harvest equipment in order to record per plot or per row weights. AGRES harvest equipment is calibrated at multiple weight increments prior to harvesting in order to ensure accurate data collection.